Make a donation

At Castle Ellen we have identified 3 urgent and essential projects where we need your help.

Project 1: Emergency Roof Repairs

Over the main stairs at Castle Ellen House, there is currently rain water making its way into three collection buckets (that need to be emptied on a fairly regular basis these days). The materials costs for this element of the roof have been priced at €1450 + VAT. We are hoping that those wanting to help would make a donation of €50 towards this essential work.




Project 2: Installation of a bathroom/shower room at 1st floor level.

At present we are in the process of installing a new bathroom at 1st floor level at Castle Ellen to service the new guest room (follow on from Channel 4 documentary). Materials for this project are in the order of €1800 + VAT and we are hoping that donations of €75 could be made towards this project.





Project 3: On going grounds maintenance 

This project relates to lawn mower running and maintenance costs. A contribution of €40 would greatly help with the costs of ongoing grounds maintenance.





If you would simply just like to make a €25 donation, then please click on the button below.



Thank you very much for your generosity. All donations will be put to use at Castle Ellen House.