Some wonderful work by Ms. Kate Wilkins (June 2016) on Nannie Lambert Power O’Donoghue (1843-1940)

Ms. Kate Wilkins has kindly sent us a copy of her research into Mrs Anne (Nannie) Lambert Power O’Donoghue (1843 -1940): Equestrian, Ascendancy writer and musician (1868-1916)

The research can be downloaded here.
Kate Wilkins
17 June 2016

Introduction: My subject is Anne (Nannie) Lambert Power O’Donoghue (1843-1940). Mrs
O’Donoghue, as I will be calling her, was born in Dublin and baptised into the Protestant faith in June 1843. She was the youngest of a family of four daughters and one son of Charles Lambert and his wife Jane Catherine (nee Irwin). She also had two half-brothers by her mother’s first marriage. In 1869, she married Dr William Power O’Donoghue (1828 – 1908) and took the name by which she was more usually known, Mrs Nannie Power O’Donoghue.

She died in Dublin in 1940 aged ninety- seven. For much of her life Mrs O’Donoghue was a
famous woman. She was originally known as an expert rider and the author of two best selling equestrian manuals, Ladies on Horseback (1881) and Riding for Ladies (1881).1 She
was also a professional musician, an author of several books of fiction and poetry, a
journalist, a magazine editor and social reformer.

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