A nice review from our most recent Airbnb guest.

Here’s what Nancy wrote
“Michael was an amazing host! He welcomed us with a glass of wine and fascinating stories. The next morning Michael spent an enormous amount of time showing us around. The castle is colossal and filled with more interesting items than you will have time to appreciate. Be sure to explore the ruins in the front yard (with Michael), complete with a dry moat. We happened to luck out and there was a film crew making a movie in the castle. They were students from a local theater school making their senior project. It was so fun to watch and the students were so polite and informative. The room was very comfortable and the bed had an electric blanket. We were never cold even though it was very nippy outside. Micheal had a fire burning in our room and our visiting room as well. If you need perfectly tidy accommodations then this might not be the right place for you. You will miss out on an opportunity to meet a gem of a man and an experience you won’t forget. I am very happy that we had the pleasure of visiting Castle Ellen House. ”

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